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Advice for leaving a business

When you are planning your next career move, or are faced with leaving your employment against your will through redundancy or dismissal, having expert legal support will help you to be fully aware of your options. The right advice at the right time may enable you to minimise the impact of post termination restrictive covenants, and having employment lawyers on your side will help to ensure that any settlements are fair, and cover what you are entitled to.

Our expert employment lawyers work extensively with company directors and senior executives, with the aim of:

  • Minimising the effect of contractual post termination restrictions.
  • Ensuring that employers follow a fair redundancy process, adhering to redundancy law.
  • Maximising the value of redundancy packages.
  • Negotiating improved settlements.


Contractual Restrictions

We will review your employment contract to check that any restrictions on your leaving and joining a new venture are clear and reasonable. A full understanding of your contractual restrictions may be particularly important if you are setting up your own business in the same sector as your employer, or going to work for a major competitor, as there may be clauses in your contract intended to prevent you from doing that.

Hine Legal’s employment lawyers can examine your contract, and give you a realistic view of your current position and what may be done about it. We can also discuss with you the strategy and tactics involved in leaving your current employer.


How does redundancy work?

If your employer has made you redundant, or indicated that your post is at risk, you are legally entitled to a fair redundancy procedure. Your employer must act according to your contract and legal redundancy rights, including providing a redundancy consultation period. Hine Legal’s team will ensure that you are fully aware of these redundancy rights, and support you through the process to help you secure anything that you are entitled to.


Settlement Agreements

If you have been offered a settlement agreement, you will need independent legal advice on the terms and effect of the agreement. We can also provide a steer on whether the package is reasonable. You are not obliged to accept the settlement agreement that your employer has proposed, and we can assist you with any negotiations. By signing a settlement agreement, you will waive your right to make a future claim against your employer at an employment tribunal, so it is important to take legal advice to ensure that it covers everything that you are entitled to.

Settlement agreements can be used to agree how your employment will end, but they can also be used to settle ongoing workplace issues – for example, a dispute over holiday pay. We can help you to fully understand what you are being asked to sign, and will assist you with the aim of negotiating a better position for you if you wish.

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Please be assured that it will be business as usual and Nick and his team will remain dedicated to working with you and to provide employment law advice. We will remain your primary point of contact so please contact Nick and his team at Constantine Law. 

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