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Employment claims

If you are considering making an employment tribunal claim against your employer for reasons which may include, for example, unpaid bonus payments or unfair deductions from your pay, discrimination at work or unfair dismissal, you would be wise to talk to the expert employment law solicitors at Hine Legal before taking any action.

Our experienced employment lawyers will have a frank and open discussion with you to assess the practicalities of your position and, should you have a claim, work out with you the best strategy for dealing with it. We take a pragmatic and realistic approach, and our aim is always to ensure that a claim is settled quickly in the most proactive and efficient way possible – whether that involves going to the employment tribunal or settling out of court. Speaking to us in advance of any action will help to give you confidence that your position is understood, and that you have the backing of legal and commercial expertise.


Unfair Or Wrongful Dismissal

Our expert employment lawyers frequently advise in high-value cases where employers have not followed the correct legal processes. If you believe that you may have been subjected to unfair treatment, we will talk through your circumstances and advise you on whether you are likely to have a case – as well as the probable outcome of an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal.

Wrongful dismissal is primarily concerned with cases where an employer dismisses an employee without notice, in breach of their contract. If your employer has terminated your employment because they consider that you have committed gross misconduct and you dispute this, we will help you to fully understand your position. We will give you our considered opinion on the likelihood of your being successful, should you bring a want to go down the route of making an employment tribunal claim.

Please click here to see our price and service information in respect of unfair or wrongful dismissal claims that we conduct on your behalf.


Constructive Dismissal

If it is your employer who has breached your employment contract, or if you felt you had no option but to resign (this could be as a result of discrimination, bullying or harassment), you should seek constructive dismissal advice, as you may be able to make a claim.

We will help you to understand your position, and advise you when and how to resign in order to best protect your legal position.



Employment law and discrimination covers both direct and indirect discrimination, and covers a number of areas, including:

  • Age discrimination.
  • Disability discrimination law.
  • Maternity leave rights.
  • Sex discrimination law.
  • Race discrimination.
  • Sexual orientation discrimination.
  • Religion or belief discrimination.

There are a number of reasons why you might wish to bring a discrimination claim, which include:

  • Dismissal – if you have been dismissed (or made redundant) for a reason relating to your gender/sex, race, nationality, age, childcare responsibilities, disability, pregnancy/maternity or in circumstances involving sexual harassment.
  • Less favourable treatment – being overlooked for promotion (or being demoted), harassment, lower pay, being refused flexible working without good reason, as a result of one of the above reasons.
  • Discrimination relating to disability and/or your employer’s failure to make reasonable adjustments in the workplace.


Alternatives To Employment Tribunals

In many cases it is possible to avoid the expense and stress of bringing a claim to an employment tribunal by addressing the issue in another way. You may be able to settle your issue with your employer via a grievance procedure, for example. We will advise you if we believe that there is a better alternative to proceeding with your claim – one which might save you money on legal fees, or bring about a quicker resolution to your issue.


Bringing Your Claim To An Employment Tribunal

If you decide to proceed with a claim, we will support and advise you through the employment tribunal process, including making you aware of the likely costs of an employment tribunal and probable outcome.

We can also support you by:

  • Negotiating a settlement (through mediation if appropriate).
  • Advising on your strategy.
  • Drafting your claim.
  • Gathering evidence (for example documentary and witness evidence).
  • Helping you and any witnesses to prepare for hearings.
  • Briefing counsel.
  • Dealing with appeals if required.
  • Advising you about damages.

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