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High court claims and injunctions

Dealing with a high court claim by a former employer is stressful and time consuming, and can be particularly expensive – especially in high-value cases involving senior executives. But, unless you are clearly at fault, or fail to respond appropriately to court requests and procedures, there is no reason to assume that a judgment will automatically go against you, or that an injunction will be granted against you.

Hine Legal’s employment solicitors can help you to assess your situation and respond appropriately to requests for undertakings and/or respond to high court injunction proceedings. We have a proven track record of advising both individuals and businesses, so unlike many of our competitors we are likely to be able to give you advice based on an ability to anticipate what the other side might do next.


Why Employers Make High Court Claims Or Injunctions

The main reason that your employer might wish to take out a high court injunction against you is to enforce post termination restrictive covenants, to prevent you potentially harming their business by, for example:

  • Setting up a business in competition with them.
  • Going to work for a major competitor and taking business critical or confidential information with you.
  • Poaching their staff and customers.

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