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Managing workplace disputes

Issues within employment are stressful, distracting and time consuming, but the support of a knowledgeable and objective third party can lessen the impact. If problems arise within your employment, Hine Legal’s approachable and supportive employment law solicitors will assess and advise you on your position and the steps you need to take, and will represent you through litigation if necessary.

We represent professionals at all levels, particularly senior executives and directors. Many employment claims are funded by legal expense insurance. We can tell you how to check whether you are covered and advise you in dealing with insurers.


Expert Employment Law Support For Workplace Disputes

The Hine Legal team is here to advise and support you if you:

  • Have been placed at risk of redundancy and require a more complete understanding of your redundancy rights under UK employment law.
  • Are facing redundancy and require guidance as to your redundancy rights and the redundancy process.
  • Require guidance as to the correct legal process for raising a grievance about the behaviour of your employer or a colleague.
  • Are concerned about bullying at work and wish to understand your position.
  • Are facing a disciplinary investigation or have had a grievance raised against you and are seeking advice and practical support.
  • Are facing dismissal and require advice and potential representation.
  • Believe you may have a case for constructive, unfair or wrongful dismissal and wish to explore your legal position.
  • Are considering taking your employer to an employment tribunal and require advice and, potentially, representation.

We will provide a realistic assessment of your position, and advise you honestly as to your possible courses of action (for example, whether or not you have a case for taking your employer to an employment tribunal) and the likely outcome(s). Taking our advice early on will enable you to understand the particulars of your claim, and, should you decide to pursue it, provide you with guidance as to how best to put your case.

Our aim is always to give you realistic advice as to the best possible outcome, and how it might be achieved. This may involve negotiating a settlement agreement.

At Hine Legal we aim to provide you with the legal advice and support you need throughout the process.

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“You have really helped me get through the last few stressful weeks and I am most grateful. You have a great interpersonal style and your caring attitude is much appreciated.”

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We are stronger together

 We are delighted to announce that Hine Legal has joined forces with Constantine Law as of 1 January 2021.

Please be assured that it will be business as usual and Nick and his team will remain dedicated to working with you and to provide employment law advice. We will remain your primary point of contact so please contact Nick and his team at Constantine Law. 

Nick Hine, Partner 07931360372

Ben Payne, Solicitor 07715654221

Zahra Mahmood, Solicitor 07711485173

Constantine Law is an agile and modern law firm providing expert employment law, business Immigration and regulatory advice to its clients.

Hine Legal is not a firm of solicitors. Hine Legal solicitors are now consultants at Constantine Law and legal services are provided by Constantine Law Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under SRA no 621097.