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Redundancy Advice

Hine Legal’s expert employment law solicitors have helped many people dealing with redundancy, from managers to senior executives, and have a strong reputation for our honest and pragmatic approach. We are also human, and understand how stressful it is to be faced with redundancy, so we aim to resolve matters as quickly as feasible, whilst achieving the best possible outcome for you.

Whether you are at risk of redundancy, or are definitely being made redundant, you will probably have many questions. In our experience, these are some of the most commonly asked:

What Is Redundancy?

For an employer to make an employee redundant, it must be the case that their job no longer exists or there is a diminished need for it; whether because of a downturn in business, a restructure, a need to reduce costs, or the closure of the business.

Employees with the required length of service who are being made redundant have certain rights, such as:

  • A redundancy consultation period before a decision is made.
  • Time off to seek new employment.
  • Redundancy pay.
  • A redundancy notice period.

An employer is obliged to follow a redundancy procedure, and with our track record of advising people at all levels of organisations, as well as advising businesses, we are well-placed to understand your employer’s position and likely needs, as well as your own.

I’ve Been Told I’m At Risk Of Redundancy. What Should Happen Next?

Your employer has a legal responsibility to undertake a redundancy consultation process with you before making any redundancies, provide information about why the redundancy is necessary, and consider any alternatives. Our expert employment law solicitors will advise you on what you should expect, and ensure you fully understand your statutory redundancy rights.

Will I Automatically Be Made Redundant?

Even if your employer has advised you that your post is at risk of redundancy, this does not necessarily mean that you will automatically be made redundant. Your employer has an obligation to consider alternatives to compulsory redundancies, and has to consult you about the process. Contact us as early as possible if you’re concerned about the fairness of any aspect of the selection process.

What Is Voluntary Redundancy? Should I Take It If Offered?

The decision to accept voluntary redundancy must be made by the individual, taking into account their personal circumstances as well as the redundancy package being offered by their employer. Where an offer of voluntary redundancy has been made, our employment lawyers will advise you whether they consider it a fair deal.

How Much Notice of Redundancy Can I Expect?

Any employee being made redundant is entitled to a statutory period of notice:

  • At least one week’s notice for those employed between one month and two years.
  • One week’s notice for each year of employment between two years and 11 years.
  • 12 weeks’ notice for those employed for 12 or more years.

If you think your employer has not met these requirements you may have a wrongful dismissal claim, and we will advise you on how to proceed.

How Much Redundancy Payment Am I Owed?

How much redundancy payment an employee is entitled to depends on the length of their employment, their age at the termination date, and any contractual arrangements in place.

Hine Legal’s employment law solicitors will advise you on how redundancy pay is calculated taking into account your specific circumstances. Where an employee is being made redundant and an employee has been offered less than their entitlement, we provide support with robust negotiation for a better redundancy payment.

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