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Business disputes and claims

With the appropriate legal advice at an early stage, it is entirely possible to deal with disputes and claims against your business (such as unfair dismissal claims, including constructive dismissal claims, or age, disability or other discrimination claims), involving current or former employees, whilst minimising both the legal and financial risk and the burden on time.

Hine Legal’s employment law solicitors have a successful track record in helping businesses to resolve claims and grievances through providing pragmatic and user-friendly advice regarding the best commercial solutions.


Take Early Advice In Employment Law Proceedings

Employment litigation is an expensive procedure, both in terms of the potential costs involved and the time and disruption to an organisation.

By taking early stage advice from Hine Legal’s experienced team you will benefit from advice based not only on an understanding of your position, but of the position of the other side. This allows us to explore the potential for conflict resolution before matters proceed to litigation. Our aim is always to find the quickest and most cost-effective solution, so our advice is focused on finding the most pragmatic route to an agreement which meets the needs of the business and those of the employee concerned.


When Litigation Is Inevitable

In some circumstances, no matter how hard the parties have tried to avoid it, litigation in the High Court or Employment Tribunal becomes an inevitable conclusion.

When this happens, you will find the Hine Legal team to be robust and vigorous advocates on your behalf, with extensive experience of handling high-value employment claims, injunctions and contractual disputes. We are also aware of the reputational damage which can result from litigation, and will advise you on ways to mitigate this wherever possible.

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We are stronger together

 We are delighted to announce that Hine Legal has joined forces with Constantine Law as of 1 January 2021.

Please be assured that it will be business as usual and Nick and his team will remain dedicated to working with you and to provide employment law advice. We will remain your primary point of contact so please contact Nick and his team at Constantine Law. 

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Constantine Law is an agile and modern law firm providing expert employment law, business Immigration and regulatory advice to its clients.

Hine Legal is not a firm of solicitors. Hine Legal solicitors are now consultants at Constantine Law and legal services are provided by Constantine Law Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under SRA no 621097.