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Workplace issues assistance

Whether you are a large employer with a dedicated HR team or a smaller employer with little or no in-house HR support, the expert Hine Legal team can work with you to help resolve management issues that may arise with your employees on a day-to-day basis.

Employment law encompasses a plethora of complex issues, and is constantly updated and changed. This makes dealing with a workforce and managing your employee relationships full of potential traps for the unwary.

Ensuring that you have comprehensive and up-to-date policies and procedures for managing your employees is an essential part of avoiding expensive mistakes, and seeking legal advice at an early stage when issues do arise can help you to avoid matters deteriorating to the extent that they end in employment tribunal proceedings.


Put The Appropriate Workplace Procedures And Policies In Place

As employment law specialists, we at Hine Legal make it our business to keep up to date with the latest developments and changes. Seeking our advice will help you to maintain best-practice, and avoid issues with:

  • Performance management.
  • Disciplinary procedures.
  • Discrimination (direct, indirect, harassment and victimisation).
  • Grievance procedures.
  • Ill health policies and procedures covering sick pay and time off for hospital appointments.
  • Disability discrimination law and reasonable adjustments.
  • Flexible working arrangements.
  • Maternity law for employers, including the right to maternity/paternity/shared parental leave and other family-friendly rights.
  • General data protection regulations and workplace monitoring.

We can provide you with a complete range of policies and procedures tailored to your specific business and workforce needs, and provide ongoing assistance with managing day-to-day problems – or more in-depth support with complex, serious issues.


Resolving Disputes With Your Employees

Where an employee has raised a grievance, or your organisation has an issue with the performance of an employee, it is wise to take advice from expert employment solicitors at the earliest possible opportunity. Expert advice usually results in early resolution of an issue, avoiding the time-consuming and expensive necessity of employment tribunal proceedings.

We provide practical, user-friendly advice to help you resolve issues in the most appropriate and pragmatic way for your business – offering expert negotiation services where appropriate. Should matters already have escalated as far as an employment tribunal claim, we will also help you through the proceedings.

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